Pole Dancing Tips for First Timers and Beginners

pole dancing beginner tips

So you've started to learn pole dancing or about to go to your first class? Here are some basic but important tips for you to ensure you stay safe.

Start slow and always put safety first

Advanced pole dancers can execute gobsmacking tricks, just look for inspiring pole dancers on Instagram and you'll to see new tricks coming up every day. As a beginner, you may be tempted to get to the same level as soon as possible. So you get excited, train hard, grow fast, but chances are you push beyond your limits and it's the fastest way to get injured. 

Start slow, build your strength safely and gradually, and nail those beginner moves with grace and ease before learning more difficult moves.

Never use any skin lotion before class

Do not put any lotions, oils or anything on your skin when you are pole dancing. You need to grip with your skin, if you have moisturiser on your skin you could slide off the pole and hurt yourself.

Also, remember to always clean your pole before, during and after class to ensure maximum grip and remove excess oil buildup from your skin.

Grid aid is handy when you start pole dancing

When you start to learn pole dance, you may not have a very strong grip and grip aids for your hands will help you better stick to the pole while your hand strength improves over time. You can also use grip aids on other parts of your body.

Learn pole dance with qualified instructors in a studio, privately, or online

You can learn pole dancing in a studio, with private classes, or from home with online lessons (of course you'll need your own pole).

There are different types of pole classes to choose from, such as pole fitness, exotic pole with heels, dance techniques like ballet and more.

Online pole dancing lessons are a great complement with in-class learning. They are also convenient when there is no pole dancing studio near you. You can learn at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about feeling intimidated by your classmates. 

Wear the right clothes

When you take your first pole classes, your fitness shorts, or pants that you can roll up, and tank top will be just fine. Whatever fitness outfit makes you comfortable is the way to start. 

As you progress in your pole dancing journey, you’ll likely want to buy yourself pole wear, like pole tops, shorts and beautiful outfits. Also, pole wear allows for more skin to grip on the pole than fitness pants or tank tops.

pole tops

Use a crash mat when learning at home

Crash mats are not necessary when you first begin pole dancing. They usually come into play when learning inverts in the intermediate level. When you start going upside down and learning more tricky moves, you will want to have a crash mat, whether dancing in a studio or at home.

Get involved with the online community

The online pole community is very active and supportive and there's lots of places to join like Facebook groups, blogs, Instagram and forums. You could also start documenting your pole journey on a blog or Instagram account.

Join our pole academy on Facebook to share your pole journey, feel supported and discuss everything pole dancing!


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