10 Inspiring Pole Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram

Instagram is for many of us the go-to place to watch the inspiring pole community performing mind-blowing tricks. If you're like me, you've probably spent countless hours watching pole combos in awe, getting some inspiration for your next routine and following your fave pole dancers.

Here are 10 inspiring pole dancers you should be following on Instagram, in no particular order.

Tjaša Skubic

We don't need to introduce you to legendary Tjasa ♡  

Dirdy Birdy

Based in Sydney, Dirdy Birdy's an amazing dancer.

Kimberley Mahoney

Kim's a pole instructor in Sydney. Check out the interview Around the Pole with Kim

Marie Moulin

Marie Moulin in an incredible athlete who's won the French Championship 2018.

Angelina Polerina

Angelina from Australia is very talented and her grace is amazing.

Quan Bui

Quan Bui, from Vietnam, is in the top 15 sexiest in Asia Pacific.


Alexia's an incredibly graceful dancer based in Brazil. She shares tips and tricks in the interview Around the Pole with Alexia.

Miglena the pole dancer

Miglena shares great tips on her blog and Youtube.


Flo has been pole dancing since June 2016 and is super talented. 

Gøril Synnøve

Goril Synnove from Norway, has been pole dancing since 2013 and is very inspiring.

These are my pole inspirations, amongst many others. Who are your pole stars?


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