Online Pole Dancing Courses

Ever wanted to learn pole dancing online with the world’s best pole fitness athletes? Then Open Dance Academy may be just what you’re looking for.

Open Dance Academy offers online pole fitness courses delivered by world renowned pole athletes such as Marion Crampe, Kira Noire, Evgeny Greshilov, Maddie Sparkle, Dmitry Politov, Natasha Wang and more.

Founded by Evgeny Greshilov, the first Male World Pole Champion in history, Open Dance Academy offers 8 online classes including trial classes, beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, Exotic pole, men only pole dancing, flexibility and stretching, and the Platinum course which contains all courses.

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    Advantages of learning pole dancing online with Open Dance Academy:

    • Great complement to studio, in person learning
    • Course prices range from $40 (trial class) to $350 (Platinum access to all classes), from beginner to advanced
    • Learn at your own pace, from the world's leading pole champions
    • Convenient when there is no pole dancing studio near you
    • Lifetime access

    When you’re learning pole dancing at home on your own, remember:

    • There is no qualified instructor to help you, spot you, and correct your mistakes, potentially leading to injuries over time.
    • Always have a spotter to assist.
    • Always use a crash mat when learning new tricky moves. 
    • Never use any lotion or oil or anything on your skin before pole dancing. 
    • Use grip aids when your need an extra grip.


    Open Dance Academy courses

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