What to Wear at Your Pole Class

You’re excited to try pole dancing, signed up for a class and you might be wondering what to wear?

While it’s important to be comfortable in your sports clothes when pole dancing, you need to expose enough skin on your arms, stomach and legs to get a good grip on the pole.

Skin is what helps you grip to the pole. As a beginner, you may wear gym clothes you like to work out in, such as shorts or leggings that you can roll above your knee. As you progress, your shorts will surely get shorter and you'll probably think that pole wear brands are more suitable than those rolled up shorts for your practice.

Here’s what to wear for your pole dancing class

Tops or sports bra

You can use a sleeveless tank top but many pole tricks require to have your stomach exposed (hello inversions) so you’ll have to get rid of the tank top at some point. These tops are great for pole:

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They allow for enough skin to be exposed to allow to grip the pole. You’ll find the more you advance in pole, the more skin you’ll need to be exposed. See the sexy ones below:

Black pole shorts

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Bodysuits are great for making a statement, for a photoshoot or a demo. Some bodysuits even have a half moon cup, allowing for more skin to grip.

We love these cute bodysuits:

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While you will typically not use long bottoms because they reduce the amount of skin exposed, leggings like the one below are great to make you feel comfortable for warm up, stretching, floor work and yoga. 

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Other things to bring at pole:

  • A small towel, yes you're going to sweat
  • A water bottle
  • A pole dance grip

Remember to remove your jewellery to avoid injuries and damage equipment, and don't put any oil or skin lotion prior to class.

These are the must-haves for starting pole dancing. What else do you have in your pole bag?  


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