Want to Try Pole Dance But Think You're Not Strong Enough?

Think you're not strong enough to learn pole dance?

I haven’t worked out in ages (or ever). I'm not strong enough to try pole dance. I don't have upper body strength!

I hear this all the time.

Let me tell you a quick story.

Pole dancers have always fascinated me with their strength, grace, and flexibility. Watching them propel their body around the pole and perform gobsmacking acrobatic tricks and make it look like it's easy, is I find, mesmerising.

I wanted to learn how to dance like these inspiring pole dancers. I had practiced modern and classical dancing for many years as a kid and teenager before going on a sports hiatus. I was convinced pole dancing would be too difficult to learn.

A friend of mine started pole dancing in 2015, and quickly got hooked. She was raving about it and kept asking me to join her class. I was like 'I haven't done sports in a while (more like a decade), I'm not fit enough, I have no upper body strength, oh and that must hurt a lot!'.

Years went on, and I was still following inspiring pole dancers on social media, watching pole videos late at night and reading pole news online. While doing absolutely no pole dancing, not even trying, still believing that it wasn't for me, that I wasn't strong / flexible / fit enough.

One day, while browsing online, a pole trial class event popped up on my screen. I told myself it was about time to stop creating those mental barriers and I booked a spot, finally! And guess what, it was love at first spin.

There's a few lessons in this story.

We create our own mental roadblocks

It's not just starting a new fitness activity. It's about trying out new things in general, and it's about change. We create our own self-limitations, we always find excuses not to do or try something new.

Realising that we are the creators of these limitations and that they only exist in our minds is a first step in getting over them.

With pole dancing and with any sports, your build your skills as you learn and grow. You don't need to be an Olympic champion to start.

Took me years to even dare to enter a pole studio and give pole dancing a go. Don't do like me. Don't wait. Whatever sports you wanna try or skills you wish to learn but never dare to. Go for it. Today. 

Never try, never know

I wish I hadn't wait that many years to try pole dancing. Whatever activity you want to do, or skills you want to gain, as said above, give it a go. Try now. 

But you might be like "I'm too old to learn that skill or try this sport!" It's never too late to try new things. Look at Greta Pontarelli, 68 year old who is 5 time world champion and started pole sports at 59.  

Pole Dancing is for everyone, every body shape, and every fitness level

When it comes to starting pole dancing, your body shape or fitness level really don't matter. Your body shape does not define your strength or athletic ability to practice pole sports.

The reality is, most of us weren't strong, flexible or fit at all before we started pole dancing. That's why we started, and why we keep coming to classes. You don't have to get fit to pole. You start pole to get fit!

You build your strength as you learn and progress, and you'll be surprised at what you can achieve in just one class.

In addition, pole dancing classes have dedicated levels from beginner to advanced, and are carefully designed to help you build your strength gradually and safely. 

Pole dancing also helps improve your acceptance of your body by turning your focus away from how your body looks, and on to how it can achieve amazing tricks. It's very liberating.  

Remember, it's not about how your body looks, it's about what it can do.

Are you ready to give pole dancing a try? 

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