Interview Around the Pole with Kimberley Mahoney

Kimberley Mahoney

Today, we have the pleasure of inviting Kimberley Mahoney, a very talented artist and lovely person, to the first of Around the Pole interview series. 

Kim, thank you so much for accepting my invitation to this interview. You know I’m a big fan of yours and I’m so excited to hear about your story, experiences and tips. So, tell us a bit about you.

Originally from Toulouse France, I started pole dancing 5 years ago with my best friend at Pole Dance Academy. By day, I juggle my dancing with my job as a Marketing Specialist. Pole dance has become such a passion that I’ve luckily managed to tailor my corporate contracts to work around my dancing schedule! I have a degree in Animal Science and International Relations, and spent a large part of my teenage years riding horses. I have a ballet and jazz dance background, having attended my first dance class at the age of 6.

How did you fall in love at first spin? When, where?

My first pole dance lesson was at Pole Dance Academy. My best friend and I completed a trial beginners class, and I was instantly hooked!

What’s your pole style?

I have a love for exotic flow, combining both classical dance with the exotic and sensual dance styles of pole.

Who are your pole inspirations?

Maddie and Shimmy of course! But really I feel inspired by each and every dancer, from my students to my friends and to those I see on social media. I love how we each bring something unique to the pole dance community, whether our strengths include flexibility, flow, tricks and passion for dance.

Any favourite pole trick ever?

This is a hard one, and my favourites tend to be seasonal! Currently, I love the #pdbirdofparadise, but really if it’s a flexy trick I am in love instantly.

What are your pole goals for 2019?

In terms of competitions, Pole Theatre World, Pole Theatre Sydney and maybe maybe Miss Pole Dance NSW heats. But overall, my goal is to push through my flexy pole goals and become as strong and bendy as possible!

Any go-to pole blogs?

To be honest, not really. I love to follow individuals on Instagram from Maddie Sparkle and Michelle Shimmy, to Daria Che and many others.

Heels or no heels?


Tell us a bit about your diet for pole.

There is no such thing for me, I just try to eat healthy balanced meals. I always find I need a snack before teaching or training so this tends to include yoghurt or some sort of protein (chicken/boiled eggs). I don’t drink coffee and probably eat 5 to 6 small meals per day to get me through!

Any other fave sports when you don't pole?

Horse riding. I have a horse called Angel and together we compete in Dressage.

Where in the world can we find you this year? Any pole travel plans?

This year I’ll be in London for Pole Theatre World, Europe in August and New Zealand in October!

Any tips for pole beginners? For example, what are the things you wish you knew when you started pole?

The most important lesson to me is, slow and steady wins the race! Don’t rush your progress and enjoy every step of the journey as really, it is a never ending one. There will always be new goals and new challenges to overcome.

Where can we find you online? 

@kimberleymahoney on Instagram and my website.

Thank you so much for your participation Kim! 

Kimberley Mahoney

Kimberley Mahoney


Who are your pole inspirations? What pole artist would you like to see featured in this interview series? Stay tuned for more pole stories!

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