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Alexia Pole Dance

Today, we're glad to feature one of our favourite pole dancers Alexia in Around the Pole interview series. 

Thanks so much Alexia for accepting my invitation to this interview here at Pole Dance Nomad! I can't wait to hear about your story, experiences and tips. So let's get started!

Tell us a bit about you

My name is Alexia, I'm 25 years old and I live in Brasília - Brazil. I am a spinning pole dancer. I've been pole dancing for 2 years now and I'm mostly (about 95%) self taught!

My journey isn't all fun and games. I started pole dancing in March 2017 in a studio near my house and I took classes there for about 5 months. It was pretty much AWFUL!!! The studio was very strict with their own methods and I was forced do a move over and over again until they considered it perfect! I was so sad that I got depressed. Going to classes wasn't fun anymore, I saw no point in doing a move over and over again.

The warm ups lasted 30 minutes out of an 1 hour class and I used to be so sweaty that it was impossible to do anything on the pole - and I live in a HOT country! On top of that my progress was very slow because they wouldn't let us do any different move other than the ones in their sequence.

The atmosphere in the studio was horrible. I remember listening to the studio owner telling me that I wouldn't make progress nowhere but there. She used to tell girls that their method was the only effective learning method in the city and that they would be injured if they left to any other studio. I was even told to go back to the start after 4 months because I learned some moves of their files in a different sequence. They threw my file in the trash so they could hold my progress!!! I was screamed at once when I switched to a spinny pole in the middle of a class. I was a beginner and of course I didn't know much about pole at the time so I believed in the studio owner.

I decided to leave after 5 months because I was very miserable. Somewhere inside me I knew I could do much better than that.

Things started to change when I booked 1 month classes in another studio - Pole Dance Brasília - where I met some amazing loving instructors who listened to me and respected me as an individual dancer. I learned some beginner tricks there and they even taught me how to invert. By that time I had found some amazing self taught dancers on Instagram and I had decided that I wanted to buy my own pole and that's what I did. One month later my pole had arrived and I haven't stopped dancing on my living room since then.

My progress is very good now, I teach myself everything I want to learn and I'm happy and fulfilled - and guess what? NO INJURIES.

How did you fall in love at first spin? When, where?

I always knew I wanted to dance on a spinning pole. I always knew about spinning poles and thought it was fun and beautiful. I LOVE SPINNING! Static pole was never an option for me. When I was about 18 or 19 I told my friends that I would like to try pole dancing at some point. I thought it was very cool and disruptive. Unfortunately I started spinning pole on my own at home after 6 months of static because studios in my city don't really focus on spinning - they usually teach one spinning class per week only and that is not enough.

What’s your pole style?

Of course.. Spinning pole!! I try to be as flowy and graceful as possible! I learn everything on spinning mode and I get lost while spinning and it's the best feeling ever. I never felt sick, not even as a beginner.

Who are your pole inspirations?

Right now it's just INSANE!! I follow some incredible dancers and I'm inspired by everyone I follow to be honest. I love following beginners and intermediates because there is a "fire" to do some progress and to get new tricks and it inspires me to keep working on tricks myself.

I've made real friends on Instagram too. Some of the girls I follow follow me back and we encourage each other and it's the best. I'd like to mention my first inspos ever on IG - the ones who inspired me to be a self taught spinning pole dancer: @tjasaskubic_poledance , @hollyphillis.pole and @marie4pole .

Any favourite pole trick ever?

My favorite trick from the beginning until now is Ballerina spin!! I love this move and I will try every variation of it hahahahah. I worked on it many many months until I could do it. It was actually one of the first things I taught myself.

What are your pole goals for 2019?

In 2018 all I cared about was PROGRESSING! I did so many new tricks and my strength improved so much that all I wanna do now is enjoy what I have conquered and work on combos and fluidity. I don't have a plan for 2019, I will just go with the flow this year and learn what I feel like in the moment. I feel like enjoying pole and not putting to much pressure on myself right now.

Any go-to pole blogs?

Not really! I'm all about Instagram - and sometimes Youtube is helpful too.

Heels or no heels?

Hahahaha definitely no heels!! I bought my first pair this year and I sold it weeks later because I couldn't do anything with them on. I love heels though and I will try some exotic dancing at some point.

Do you have any specific diet for pole?

I don't. I am the worst.. I can't diet. I eat too much sugar and I wish I was fitness but I am not.

Any other fave sports when you don't pole?

Not really. Pole dancing is the only thing right now..

Where in the world can we find you this year? Any pole travel plans?

You can find me in Brazil. No travel plans right now but I plan to visit my favorite pole dancers one day hahahah..

Any tips for pole beginners? For example, what are the things you wish you knew when you started pole?

Yes! Many tips for beginners..

  • I would encourage a beginner to book classes in every studio in the city before choosing one to stay. Every studio is different and you should stick to a place that respects you and lift you up - and that offers the styles you like as well.
  • Never give up!! You can do it. Time and persistence will guide you.
  • Don't buy a random pole - do your research and invest in a good one.
  • Don't rush into moves that are too far from your reality. If you want to be a self taught you must learn how to accept and deal with your own limitations.. Everyone learns at their own pace.
  • Last but not least - always do what makes YOU happy.

Where can we find you online? 

You can find me on my Instagram account @alexia_poledance and please, don't be shy. I love meeting new people and I always reply to everyone!!

Thanks so much Alexia!

Stay tuned for more Around the Pole stories!

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