How a Pole Dancing Photograph Inspired Our Logo

There is often a story behind brands and their logos, like some secret meaning or symbolism behind them. Here at Pole Dance Nomad, there's no secret behind our logo but some creativity hidden inside that you might miss at first glance, and we’re going to tell you all about it. 

It all started with a pole picture and a friend

While thinking about the Pole Dance Nomad logo, I looked online for ideas and researched pole dancing logos, vectors and images. I could have purchased a stock image and started from there, or pay a designer to create my logo. But I wanted to get involved in the process and add my personal touch.

It was time to undust my own pole pictures. While browsing the folder on my phone, I found one with a really simple pose on the pole that could be turned into a graphic.

Original photo of Pole Dance Nomad

Some time later, as I was sipping a coconut and chatting with my artist friend Natalia (check Natalia's amazing work @nataliawurban on Instagram and on Facebook), I showed the pole photo and asked if she could remove the background. And there was the start of Pole Dance Nomad logo. #thankyounatalia

Pole Dance Nomad part of logo

Now, you might be wondering why Nomad?

Well, my life (and my pole dancing practice) is a bit of a nomadic journey. I was living in Australia when I heard about pole dancing but had too many mental barriers to even try (more on that topic in another post). I kept watching amazing pole dancers on Instagram late at night (you know when you watch pole videos and then it’s 3 am before you know it).

Then, while visiting family back home, I finally booked a class without (over)thinking after stumbling upon a trial class event online. It was about time to overcome my self-made mental blocks and give pole dancing a try, and it was love at first spin. My pole dancing journey continues, trying to fly high wherever I go, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand.

So here's our logo recipe - a pole picture mixed with friendship and travel ;)

Pole Dance Nomad Logo

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